privacy policy

Privacy Policy

1. General
At Lawyer Bloc, we are committed to creating a safe space for our website users.
This section is designed to offer a comprehensive overview of our privacy. Any concerns you have should be answered through this section. If, however, you still have questions you can contact us (link to contact page) and we will be happy to answer them.

2. Information provided by the user
Information is provided to us by users when they fill out a form to acquire a service through our website, correspond with us through email or by phone, respond to a survey by Lawyer Bloc, or speak with a customer service official to report an issue.
Responses you give to a survey or any review or recommendation you make are also recorded and used for statistical analysis.

3. Automatically collected information
When a user visits the website, they are allowing the use of cookies (we do remind about our use of cookies at the start of the user’s visit). Cookies collect the following information: pages visited and the interaction with each, resources accessed, the user’s IP address, browser version, and information about the operating system on the visitor’s device.

4. Information Retention
Lawyer Bloc does not retain information longer than is necessary. We only store personal data for as long as the user is active on our platform and statistical information (collected through cookies) to maintain website performance records for performance analysis.
By agreeing to use Lawyer Bloc you are accepting our terms of privacy.

Terms and Condition

Using Lawyer Bloc is subject to the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. By agreeing to use our website you agree to keep yourself updated with any changes or updates to the general conditions listed on this page. These rules might be modified or edited from time to time without prior notice.
Lawyer Bloc reserves the right to restrict or prohibit a user from accessing the platform in case of violation or disregard of the terms and conditions.
Lawyer Bloc is designed and run by MDHOV.

Cookies and Electronic Data

Through cookies, Lawyer Bloc collects statistical data during site visits to help improve its service. This statistical data is derived from the server web logs. The data collected may consist of the user’s visit history including date and time details as well as IP addresses, browser version, and the operating system on the device being used at the time of visit.
The data collected is not meant to identify the users or visitors of this website it is meant to collect statistical information to measure the performance of website pages, peak usage, and peak trends.
By agreeing to use this website you are agreeing to the use of cookies.
Cookies usage is a common practice on the internet for the improvement of services and webpages. If cookie usage is denied, it may restrict the user’s access to a limited portion of the website.