Sagittarius A*




4,154,000 Solar Masses





Type of Star:

Supermassive Black Hole

Positive Relationship(s):


Messier 32* (Previously)

Negative Relationship(s):

Andromeda* (Previously)

Parent Object(s):

Andromeda* (Sister)

Sagittarius A* is a supermassive black hole that is the center of the Milky Way at about 27.000 light-years from Earth, and its ruler, forming part of Sagittarius A, a radio complex, thought to be its location, and with observations of the star S0-2, its true location was found. She has about 4.31 million solar masses, being the center of the galaxy, yet it exhibits no obvious supremacy or cruelty behavior, for most of the time it is extremely inactive, and for some without interesting attributes.

It has a magnetic field which, along with the Milky Way magnetic field, accumulates gas and dust around it, creating a large ring of cold gas that reaches it, but the gas more covers it than increases its accretion activity, This characterizing her as a black hole until rather introvert and shy, she really is a little ashamed of what she is now, so she prefers to hide.

Sagittarius A* rarely leaves the Galactic Center, and stays quite there, just inactive, and with no malevolent interests, currently her best friend and ally is GCIRS 13E, a former ruler of a cluster that was destroyed by Sagittarius A*, and despite their complicated and complex relationship, they have finally become friendlier to each other, and GCIRS 13E is always the queen’s representative and prime-black candidate.

As a way to lessen the intensity of her cruelty, Sagittarius A* does not take all the powers of the galaxy to herself but prefers to leave GCIRS 13E with some important powers, such as decreeing some laws. Despite this, Sagittarius A* has recently shown widespread interest in centralizing all important decisions for herself, especially after the corruption of several black holes trusted by her, she intends to harshly judge them for their actions.

One of the most interesting aspects about the Milky Way is its freedom, Sagittarius A* widely promotes freedom for her citizens, as well as the press, even if both times are decisions against herself, it would not sacrifice the freedom of its citizens for decisions selfish of herself. Backed by this freedom, GCIRS 13E also broadly promotes a self-rule chiến dịch in the clusters, promoting star-to-star cooperation with the goal of improving the bonding and protection of asteroids and planets, objects that were only recently protected by Sagittarius A*.

Another important factor about Sagittarius A* is that she generally dislikes black holes, certainly a paradox, but it is somewhat paranoid about it, seeing black holes always as malevolent objects that only think of themselves, so a threat to her galaxy. As a result, Milky Way’s Army is mostly inactive in the galaxy, including the rulers of globular clusters and its generals.

Her Increasing Paranoia

While she proves to be a popular queen, willing to be and cooperate with her stars, she also almost equally shows increasing paranoia, some by accidental disaster, and others by sheer paranoia, Sagittarius A* is very afraid of devouring stars, but she gives a fate for many equally bad, intergalactic space, forever.

Sagittarius A* has shown a great deal of activity in the recent past, just a few million years ago, she has ejected a large number of stars into which they are destined to wander eternally through intergalactic space. These stars, however, must be distinguished from ancient Milky Way explorers, stars with orbits that nearly reach the middle of the space between the Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxy, which are still under the control and orbit of Sagittarius A*.

Sagittarius A* also doesn’t seem to know how to deal with căng thẳng, let alone make decisions in times of căng thẳng, like about 3 to 5 million years ago, with the tension between Large Magellanic Cloud and Small Magellanic Cloud growing absurdly, for the first time in billions of years she had mobilized Milky Way’s Army to invade SMC, but LMC intervened and told her not to. This period also occurred near her major periods of activity, which made the Galactic Center brighter, and she had relativistic jets.

Her paranoia is not yet accurate in origin, although many believe it is the future collision between her and Andromeda Galaxy, but today, with Andromeda*‘s personality changing to more kind and understanding after horrors of corruption have decreased the star formation of the Andromeda Galaxy to almost the end, Sagittarius A* has abruptly changed behavior since then, not trusting the black holes near it.

The Peaceful Storm

Despite Sagittarius A*’s growing paranoia, she is still very, very peaceful compared to other black holes, and the proof of this is the Galactic Center itself. There are countless baby stars forming at a distance of only 5 to 2 light years from her, in conditions that should be impossible for any star to form due to her gravitational force, but even so, these stars are born.

This is probably due to the fact that Sagittarius A* loves children, she loves to play or be around them, even though she’s scary, usually when she leaves the Galactic Center, as rarer as it is, it’s exactly for touring some space schools, where she likes to foster creativity and interaction between the children and her, with the ultimate goal of discouraging their fear of her.

But here is a major factor, discouraging their fear of HER, and only her, Sagittarius A* has never supported black holes to enter space school, even with many newly formed black holes in the Milky Way, she still refuses, looking mostly improve the lượt xem of her stars on herself than on objects similar to her.

Inefficiency of Her Government

And by the most prominent factor in it, it’s one of the beginnings of how inefficient her government is, first of all, it’s hard to change, adapt or reform, because she sees everything to be perfect exactly as it is, she doesn’t puts herself in place of the current weaker, more needy Milky Way objects, such as brown dwarfs, rogue planets and asteroids.

And combined with the G2 gas cloud incident factor, ejected stars, and devoured asteroids, it has driven Sagittarius A*’s insanity to a deeper point, altering its behavior against those who the society care little about, such as asteroids. From the collision of an asteroid, endangering life on the Earth‘s surface, the trillions of asteroids that orbited Sagittarius A* before peacefully began to be devoured, in which it caused several visible Earth light flares.

Sagittarius A* had little regard for caring for asteroids, and in fact had begun an extermination of them wherever she found them. And that was just one of Sagittarius A*’s cruel attitudes, which made it little focused on governing, and more focused on its own interests, which caused confusion, and about a few million years ago, to the emergence of various organizations fighting for rights of the less fortunate.

The Galactic Community was condemned by these organizations as a star-only and star-only community, and it was clear to all who were fighting that Sagittarius A* cared only for stars and Earth only. Knowing this, the Earth declared its support for these movements, for as an advocate of universal equality, it could not be against those who were demanding their basic rights.

Also, the Milky Way is a very massive galaxy, and frequent raids from dwarf galaxies and black holes, which are its generals and many soldiers, have greatly decreased star formation in the galaxy, a phenomenon similar to what happened in Andromeda Galaxy, which made Andromeda* review its acts and government, is also influenced by Sagittarius A*.

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Corrupt elements such as Star Destroyer and Milky Way First are dangerous to the Milky Way, as they hijack stars, destroy families and and cause chaos some clusters, and some nebulae, preventing star formation, as well as damaging the opinion of the stars on Sagittarius A* due to her and her government’s lack of attitude in ending them.

Her Reform Attempts

Sagittarius A* pressed on all sides, even by her most loyal allies such as Earth or GCIRS 13E, was forced to make an official statement of apology to all the objects that had so long been ignored by her, and which, from now on all these objects would be protected by herself. Sagittarius A* activated Milky Way’s Army to search for and protect asteroids and rogue planets across the Milky Way, and asked Earth to create a safe boundary around her and ward off all asteroids that were not outside that safe boundary, ending incidents of asteroids and stars.

Sagittarius A* also started a massive space school reform, she began creating space schools for each space object, such as planets and asteroids, as well as including brown dwarfs and black holes in the stars’ space school, trying and ultimately providing for the integration of these objects who had lived for so long in isolation and without caring for each other, were now united. It also often promotes interaction between different space schools of different space objects, aiming at cooperation between them.

She also expanded the mission to capture black holes loyal to Star Destroyer or Milky Way First, after she learned of their atrocities, as well as the kidnapping about 100 stars, which was a big shock to the entire Milky Way, and made Sagittarius A* put Milky Way’s Army on high alert, and clean up corrupt and unfair elements of her in the army.

The justice of the Milky Way also became more efficient, Sagittarius A* centralized all decisions for her, because she trusted no other black hole to do the job, and judged many of her corrupt generals, devouring them. It also expanded justice against the stars that purposely and cruelly abandoned asteroids or planets. These laws were vital to increasing stability in the galaxy, and to reforming the behavior of many stars, such as Vega itself.

Galactic Crisis

The Milky Way is a somewhat cruel place, like any other galaxy, but as the center of Galactic Communication and galactic society, stars, planets, asteroids and black holes not only accept problems but begin to reorganize and rebel themselves against Sagittarius A* and its policies.

Massive Homeless Planets Crisis

One of the Milky Way‘s biggest problems today is the rogue planets, planets with no stars protecting them, so they travel the galaxy alone and often in an eternal cold. Things only got worse after Earth conducted research revealing more rogue planets than planets orbiting stars, which is a disaster for galactic society, proving that it is not united, but ignorant.

Sagittarius A*’s resistance to any reform to support this planetary population in dire conditions had never been noticed, for billions of years, things were just like that, and everyone moved on. However, since the creation of Galactic Communication, these planets began to reunite and reorganize, the most radical wanted the freedom of all the planets of their stars, and Sagittarius A*, they wanted the real freedom.

Since they were planets, and the stars could even wipe them out, which would force them to retreat to their normal lives, Sagittarius A* didn’t care a bit about the situation, and figured everyone was in his favor with that, like the Earth, and the stars. However, Earth being an activist for the rights of all objects, made an announcement fully supporting the movement for the basic rights of these planets, which were abandoned and now wanted to be free.

Earth‘s support changed the opinion of the stars against Sagittarius A*, many began to support the movements of the planets. Sagittarius A* seeing herself isolated and under pressure from all, decided to make an official statement of apology, and planned to make several reforms to join the planets in general galactic society. She also mobilized Milky Way’s Army on peacekeeping missions to seek and protect lost planets throughout the galaxy.

Planetary-Mass Objects Problem

An unexpected problem for Sagittarius A* was the giant gas balls, large objects of rapidly forming planetary mass about 100 years around her, due to the cold gas ring around her, which allows them to form. And after being spotted in many places in the galaxy, and knowing their origin was at the Galactic Center, a big discussion began.

Planet-defending organizations considered these objects to be living beings, with little or no formation of their face, but they were alive, and with no means of defending themselves, Sagittarius A* was either ejecting them or devouring a few, and that would be a crime against galactic society, however, planetary organizations were still forming, and had little support, so Sagittarius A* completely ignored the problem.

After Earth found out about these objects, she sympathized with them, and after the planets won against Sagittarius A*’s stagnant policies, and forced her to make various reforms, she mobilized the Milky Way’s Army to protect and search for lost planets, and a few million years later, she expanded on this quest to search for these objects as well, finally considering them as living and dignified beings.

After that, Sagittarius A* in a way that was hard to come by with other objects, she began to sympathize with the giant gas balls, she intended that the quest missions would find, bring her, she would take care of them. She kind of began to consider them her children, children she had abandoned, and that was unforgivable, using the gas around her, she began to complete the formation of these objects, by giving them faces, she sent them to space schools at the Galactic Center.

Magellanic Clouds Diplomatic Crisis

About 5 to 3.5 million years ago, Sagittarius A* was very active, it devoured a lot of material and created large relavitic jets, and it was about this time that Fermi’s bubbles had been created. However, this period was extremely chaotic, and Sagittarius A* caused damage to an area approximately 200,000 light-years across, affecting the entire Milky Way and even the Magellanic Clouds.

One proof of this would be the Magellanic Stream, which would be high-speed gas clouds around the Milky Way from the orbit of the Magellanic Clouds. These clouds are hot and full of UV rays, which could only come from a relativistic jet of an active galaxy.

By the Large Magellanic Cloud was hit directly by these relativistic jets, which probably, together with interactions with the Milky Way and SMC, would have triggered the start of a small starburst process, which greatly affected the small dwarf galaxy, which is almost underway torn, but barely resisting.

Faced with this diplomatic crisis with its biggest ally in the fight for peace in the Local Group, Sagittarius A* went to the LMC to make a formal statement of apology, which would completely help the LMC restructure and reorganize, and in return, they would send 10% of the LMC gas to the Milky Way. The deal was happily made on both sides, so Sagittarius A* ensured that her empire continued to expand, with a new flow of gas coming from its neighbor.

However, unlike LMC, Small Magellanic Cloud did not submit to Sagittarius A*, and sought an isolationist and independent policy, refusing the help of the Milky Way because it found the deals to be exploitative against the SMC population. This was a very arrogant and independent step for Sagittarius A*, which in a stressful moment even threatened to mobilize the Milky Way’s Army to invade SMC, but was stopped by LMC’s stellar council, ensuring they had everything under control, and to prevent many civilian casualties, the Milky Way would not intervene.

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It is important to remember that the peace between the Magellanic Clouds is quite fragile, with millions and even about 3 billion years of intense conflict and interaction that seemed to have ended about 1 billion years ago when SMC became just one LMC’s satellite galaxy, but which during The Milky Way-Magellanic War was released by the Milky Way, and again attacked the LMC, but however, there are several concerns about its population of just 3 billion stars not supporting or surviving the war, besides the revolution of the Mini Magellanic Cloud be already affecting terrible the stability in the galaxy.

Gaia-Enceladus Galaxy Refugee Crisis

One of the oldest problems of the Milky Way was caused by a collision of Sagittarius A* with another galaxy, about 10 billion years ago, was certainly a historical point for the galaxy. Gaia-Enceladus Galaxy collided with the Milky Way because it was weak, as was well known by the local galaxies, but he eventually realized that Sagittarius A* was bigger and stronger than Gaia-Enceladus*, and devoured it.

Sagittarius A* passively liberated the citizens of Gaia-Enceladus Galaxy, they integrated them into the Milky Way, but never bothered to rearrange them within society, which made most of them halo stars, hence the ignored ones, a population that today is quite old and forgotten.

This refugee crisis, which has never been resolved, has become a topic of discussion recently, with many stars being discovered across the earth, and news spreading fast, and Sagittarius A* was certainly attacked by its stars due to flaws in its policies and galactic organization, so she was forced to settle.

Despite having a lot of resentment and disliking these stars, as they were stars, she cared more than any other space object, Sagittarius A* organized a mission to bring these stars to the galactic disk.

Asteroid Suppression

Sagittarius A* never really cared about asteroids, at almost no time in her history, she always devoured many of them without caring, but everything changed a lot when life on Earth‘s surface was threatened by an asteroid, as well as knowledge of her and all her progress brought to the Milky Way, Sagittarius A* would not forgive the asteroids for this.

Since 65 million years ago, Sagittarius A* began a boundless cruelty against the asteroids, she began to devour them and their mass, in what would be known by the asteroids as their secret extermination chiến dịch, in which the stars or planets don’t care about them, so it would be easy to do all that cruelty.

However, contrary to what Sagittarius A* thought, the asteroids organized and rebelled, many asteroids, abandoned in the interstellar space, gathered and formed a small organization trying to find a permanent home for the asteroids, Asteroid Freedom had been created, against the cruelties of Sagittarius A* and all the stars.

Despite being attacked, even with its rather peaceful nature, Earth supported the asteroid movement, publicly acknowledging their predicament, and that the Solar System itself was not a good place for asteroids. Earth declared that the action of some asteroids cannot condemn their entire population, and soon the planets and stars became supporters of the asteroids and their scattered little movement.

Following the victory of the planetary organizations, Sagittarius A*, now under pressure from the asteroids, she relented again, and integrated the asteroids in her project for planet protection and protection. She also asked Earth to create a safety boundary around her, to prevent any asteroid, star or planet from getting too close to it without realizing it, preventing many incidents.

Certainly the most progressive step Sagittarius A* made was the integration of asteroids into galactic society, she felt sorry for them, for all the billions of years of oppression and massacre, which she decided to give them something more for it, besides their rights, she created space schools for asteroids, and finally around her, would become the refuge the asteroids wanted so much to just live in peace.

Legitimacy Questioned

Certainly, Sagittarius A* is not a queen much appreciated by all, but while many only remain in grievances, others question her government more deeply, and those, organizations and individuals hidden in society who want very radical changes, such as Milky Way First and Star Destroyer:

Milky Way First is perhaps the most loyal organization to Sagittarius A*, but does not approve of her pacifist government and idealizes her as a weak leader who will cause the Milky Way population to submit to the Andromeda Galaxy, and that is unacceptable. Although they have all this speech about “saving the Milky Way population,” they don’t care at all about sacrificing as many stars or planets as needed to make Sagittarius A* a monster capable of saving the Milky Way.

Star Destroyer, formerly led by the Great Annihilator, was considered an extremist organization within the Milky Way, they attacked stars, and subversively subjugated many stars with fear, and thus they fought for Sagittarius A*’s sister, Andromeda*, however, they totally lost her support after a major crisis in Andromeda Galaxy. Since then, Great Annihilator has left the lead, and has entered Cygnus X-1.

Cygnus X-1 made several reforms to the group, instead of being a weapon of fear and terror, they would be her army, she also wants to turn herself and the group into a Milky Way political party, being against Milky Way First and GCIRS 13E, which is Sagittarius A*’s ally in government. With her victory, at any cost, she would proclaim herself the new queen of the Milky Way, exiling Sagittarius A*, and being both a reformist queen and willing to sacrifice anyone for her absolute victory.

Another factor very present in the Milky Way, are small star revolts, stars that can vote, but not put representatives in important positions of government, no longer see Sagittarius A* as a good queen, but as a monster, in which, is not large enough to completely destroy them, so if they unite, and fight, they can exile it, and thus establish one of the first Unitarist governments in the universe.

And a growing movement in the Milky Way, quite dangerous in the eyes of many, is a movement of black holes against their star servitude, led by reformist The Speaker, he does not intend to destroy the Sagittarius A* government, but in making some simple reforms in Milky Way society, such as the right to vote for black holes, as well as ending “black hole jobs” as just being soldiers, police, generals or rulers, and opening an opportunity for black holes to truly integrate into society, as civilians, not as military.

But at the most radical, he intends to create a galaxy for black holes, not for stars, and intends to do so by force if Sagittarius A* resists, but if he succeeds, he would certainly not exile her, but try to change her uniqueness. permanently. He however, in his dream of a black hole crusade against everything else, thus creating the Black Hole Era, however, eventually became quite moderate after observing other celestial objects becoming friends with black holes.

He eventually became moderate, and even proclaims that the Black Hole Era will surely be black holes like the superiors they always were, but surely cruelty could end here, planets, asteroids, brown dwarfs and even stars could enter the black hole society, they would be the dominant ones, but there is no reason to exterminate the weaker ones.

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Final Stand Operation

As is well known, Andromeda Galaxy is coming towards the Milky Way, and Andromeda* is much larger and more massive than Sagittarius A*, so its victory would be complete. However, initially proposed by a group of generals loyal to Milky Way First, Operation Final Option is certainly the largest strategic kế hoạch outlined in the Milky Way to date, and has only one goal in mind: beating Andromeda* at any cost.

The kế hoạch would be radically simple and executed as quickly as possible, Milky Way’s Army would be mobilized, and all 200 million black holes in the Milky Way would capture and take as many stars as possible for Sagittarius A* to consume, whether or not it wanted to. This would certainly create a quasar, but for a short time Sagittarius A* would be the fastest growing black hole in the universe.

The goal would be to sacrifice a significant portion of the Milky Way population, or if not the entire population, with few exceptions, such as the Solar System and Milky Way First generals. With the gravitational pull all concentrated in the Galactic Center, the gas would also be pulled, and hence the dark matter, which would be devoured by Sagittarius A* with a specific method, making Sagittarius A* the largest supermassive black hole in the universe in question just a few billion years.

She would have the Milky Way mass, about 1.2 trillion solar masses, her size would be about 1 to 3 light years in diameter, and so she, now suffering from a massive process of personality disorder, would become a monster, hungry and deadly, however, the generals and the Solar System would already be in a safe place, and would only let Sagittarius A* do her job, annihilating Andromeda*, and taking the galaxy for herself.

With such a massive black hole, they would stand out in the universe now not just for the innovations brought by the Earth, but for having the largest black hole in the universe, which would make other galaxies fear and respect the Milky Way in a way they had never been made. The remnants of the Local Group would be destroyed, as LMC, SMC, Messier 110 and Messier 32, the project included the absorption of all this gas, and the destruction of the old star population of Andromeda Galaxy, and with so much gas left over, a new galactic population would emerge, to prosper forever, under the rule of the Greater Sagittarius A*.

Her Behavior (Always in Change)

Sagittarius A* is certainly a complex black hole compared to the others, and it has many faces, it can be good, protective and even act maternally; It can be totally cold and careless; And she can refuse to do simple acts for the sake of oppressed groups in her galaxy, simply because she thinks that everything has to be as it is.

First of all her kind side, Sagittarius A* tends to treat everyone around her like children, many of the stars around her are actually much younger than she, who is billions and billions of years old, she takes care of them, puts them in safe orbits, but generally, it does not become very active to protect them from itself.

Sagittarius A* has a big problem against herself, her power is huge, and she certainly doesn’t want to use it, but she doesn’t show power, and that makes many people not respect her, like most of her generals, and a small percentage of the stellar population, and even a few million years ago, mostly of the planetary population and asteroids.

It is clear that Sagittarius A* does not know how to act under pressure, and her maternal side gives place to what could be considered an angry mother, she will not use force against those who oppose her, but will certainly shout or speak loudly to punish them, but generally, it slowly calms down, and it’s almost as if nothing has happened.

Secondly, her cold side, usually more than 90% of the time, is like that, cold, calculating and generally not concerned with anything. Not that she isn’t, but she seems to have a common sense of “disasters happening” and put it aside, as if she can’t do anything about the problem, as it was with the planets and asteroids. Despite cruelties and mistreatment against both groups of objects, Sagittarius A* cared little about what happened, which led to revolts in the stellar population that supported these organizations.

In this state of her personality, she can really be difficult to change opinions, and she always has her khẩu hiệu of “Everything is fine as it is”, and this generates revolt in the stars, because due to this ignorant thought, which led her and her government after almost 8 billion years of stagnation, nothing important happened, laws were not created, she entered her comfort zone, while her generals and cluster administrative leaders took power for themselves, and did whatever they wanted.

This obscure period led to little progress, but the creation of a lifestyle for the stars of the Milky Way, a simple life and without many problems, which made the population slow and lazy to react to what was happening around them, which it created an endless cycle of leadership problems and corruption.

Third, and certainly her rarest state, is her anger, her bad attitude, almost every evil moment of her happened early in her life, like any other black hole. During the Traumatic Stellar Period, she consumed stars like any other black hole, and it felt good to do so, however, she never directly participated in the conflict or did everything she did because she really wanted to.

However, there are certain things that can happen that can căng thẳng Sagittarius A* to the point that she undergoes an abrupt personality change and takes steps that she would never consciously take. Almost as the main objective of Milky Way First, stellar revolts, corruption and attempts at exile can turn Sagittarius A* into a soulless monster, it will be cruel, it will devour stars, black holes, planets and asteroids, and it will not care at all thereby. Since she rarely does this, it can be said that she has enjoyed doing it.

Perhaps in the best situation, she would become quite dictatorial, take all power for herself, activate Milky Way’s Army to capture and punish anyone against her, and with that, she would certainly become active and devour many stars. But she would not trust any general or administrative leader, but in her insanity, she would think she is doing this to her and her children.

Even in all insanity, she wouldn’t be able to hurt any children, but she would be much more severe than she is, and she would probably kick them out of her way so as not to hurt them, but she wouldn’t worry where they would go. Certainly on any star, she would either devour them, or she would eject them.

Whether her period of cruelty would end or not, is a big doubt, as Sagittarius A* has an extremely fragile personality, with the breaking of her conscience, she would not return to normal, and would look exactly like many other black holes like her, just devouring, and doing little for her galaxy.

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